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amaysim Australia Ltd Annual Report 2016





This statement provides an outline of the

main corporate governance policies and

practices the Company had in place during

FY16 and how the Company’s framework

aligns with the Principles (unless otherwise


This statement has been approved by the

Board of Directors of the Company and the

information contained herein is correct as of

23 September 2016. Unless otherwise noted,

the policies and practices were in place from

15 July 2015, being the date of listing for the


1. Laying solid foundations

Shareholders should refer to the Corporate

Governance section of the Company’s

website for a comprehensive list of

governance documents.

The Board Charter governs the operations

of the Board and sets out the Board’s roles

and responsibilities, composition, structure

and membership requirements. The Board

Charter also sets out the responsibilities

delegated to the CEO and the management


1.1 Responsibilities of the Board

The Board is responsible for providing

strategic direction, defining broad issues

of policy and overseeing the management

of the Company to ensure it is conducted

appropriately and in the best interests of


The Board of Directors of the

Company is responsible for

the overall governance of the

Company and its subsidiaries

(together the “Group”).

ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

Section reference

in this statement

Principle 1 – Lay solid foundations for management and oversight

All sections

Principle 2 – Structure the Board to add value

Sections 1 and 2

Principle 3 – Act ethically and responsibly

Section 3

Principle 4 – Safeguard integrity in corporate reporting

Section 5

Principle 5 – Make timely and balanced disclosure

Sections 4 and 5

Principle 6 – Respect the rights of security holders

Section 4

Principle 7 – Recognise and manage risk

Section 5

Principle 8 – Remunerate fairly and responsibly

Section 6

In order to promote stakeholder confidence and protect shareholder value, the Company is

committed to ensuring it maintains a corporate governance system reflective of best practice.

Accordingly, the Company has established a framework for overseeing the Group’s corporate

governance which is designed to comply with regulatory requirements applicable to entities

listed on the ASX.

The Company’s Corporate Governance Statement is structured with reference to the ASX

Corporate Governance Council Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd

Edition) (the “Principles”). The Principles are outlined below, with the corresponding section of

this Corporate Governance Statement addressing amaysim’s practices provided for ease of


This Corporate Governance Statement reports the Company’s implementation of its

corporate governance since listing on the ASX. We intend to regularly review our governance

arrangements as well as developments in market practice, expectations and regulation. This

statement, together with our ASX Appendix 4G, have both been lodged with the ASX.

More information on specific matters to note in relation to our current corporate governance

arrangements, including policies and charters, can be found on the “Corporate Governance”

page of the Company’s website: