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amaysim Australia Ltd Annual Report 2016




In six years, the amaysim Group has

pioneered the BYO handset mobile services

model, now the fastest growing segment

of the mobile telecommunications market.

An asset-light, technology-driven business

with a disruptive recurring subscription

model, the amaysim Group offers a variety

of mobile services plans to suit a range of

Aussie needs and lifestyles, from the price

conscious to the data-hungry.

The amaysim brand has consistently won

awards in customer satisfaction and prides

itself on its amazingly simple, mobile-first

customer experience platform and range of

easy-to-understand amaysim UNLIMITED

plans. Customers can optimise and manage

their accounts whenever and wherever they

choose, leading to low churn, strong word-

of-mouth customer acquisitions and high

customer satisfaction. amaysim champions

a digital disruptor model with its customers

at its core, to bring change to an outdated

mobile services industry.

In January 2016, amaysim acquired Vaya,

a low-cost mobile virtual network operator

with approximately 140,000 subscribers at

the time of the acquisition. The amaysim

Group now has a dual brand strategy, with

mobile plans and price-points to address

broader segments of the Australian market.

amaysim is the customer experience

champion while Vaya is the price-fighter.

The amaysim Group is set to extend its

services into the broadband market during

the 2017 financial year, bringing its ‘no

hassles’ approach into more areas of

Aussie homes.

amaysim Australia Ltd

is a leading provider

of subscription-based

mobile services plans and

Australia’s fourth largest

mobile services provider.