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amaysim Australia Ltd Annual Report 2016


In August 2016, Vaya launched Australia’s

cheapest unlimited plan, a leading offering

in an increasingly crowded market-place and

one that successfully positions Vaya as the

“street fighter” brand. On top of this, the

amaysim team has brought its customer-

centric approach into Vaya, resulting in a

very significant decrease in complaints to

the TIO about Vaya in the last quarter of the

2016 financial year.

In addition, we have integrated Vaya’s

Australian team into the Sydney office and

revamped the Philippines contact centre.

The latter provides a seamless extension

to our amaysim customer service structure

and provides essential in-house web

development capabilities.

At its core, amaysim

delivers an award-

winning customer experience underpinned

by technology

. This technology-based

approach, combined with our in-house

development team, allows us to automate

many customer and back-end processes to

make for a simple, lighter touch customer

experience when compared with other

service providers.

The acquisition of Vaya in January of

this year, gave us access to a


strategy and a dual-located customer

experience and web development structure


The transaction supports the Company’s

acquisition criteria of financially compelling

metrics and strategic fit. We have

successfully completed the integration of

Vaya and enhanced its suite of plans.

Chief Executive

Officer Letter

At its core, amayism delivers

an award-winning customer

experience underpinned by


I am pleased to present to our shareholders

a positive full year result in our first year as

a publicly listed company of $35.4 million

underlying EBITDA across the amaysim

Group, strong gross profit and gross margin,

low average monthly customer churn at

2.5% and a final unfranked dividend of

5.3 cents per share.

We have worked hard throughout the

year to cement the amaysim Group as

a leading challenger to the incumbent

telecommunications providers. We have

delivered on guidance, while creating further

strategic opportunities for growth. The

amaysim Group’s performance – and asset-

light business model which generates strong

cash flow – demonstrates our ability to

continue to acquire new customers with an

appealing, competitive and profitable suite

of products, identify strategic acquisitions

and to increase do-it-yourself online

customer engagement.

In particular, we have capitalised on

amaysim’s significant organic growth to

date with the acquisition of Vaya, and grown

the subscriber base across the amaysim and

Vaya brands.

I would like to take this opportunity to

take you through some of the highlights

from the period, as well as our strategy for

continued growth and development of the

amazingly simple amaysim approach to

telecommunication services.

Firstly, like many other leading global

technology disruptors, amaysim brings fresh

thinking to an established service, creates a

truly customer-centric online experience and

leverages a

subscription-based recurring

revenue model

. Eighty-three per cent of

payments are now made online monthly and

44% of customers activate online across

the Group. We are constantly reviewing our

amazingly simple plans in order tomaintain a

compelling market position, with the results

speaking for themselves. amaysim recorded

the lowest level of industry complaints,

according to the Telecommunication




complaints April through June 2016, and

we continue to see ongoing reduction in

our customer churn, increasing customer

lifetime value.