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amaysim Australia Ltd Annual Report 2016


1. As at 18 August 2016

An amaysim Year

With the amaysim brand focussing

on being the customer experience

champion in the $25-50 price point,

the addition of Vaya to the Group

brings even more value to the

simple online subscription model

that is becoming the norm for a

smartphone-obsessed nation. It is

worth pointing out that the Group’s

lower ARPU of $25.24 is a reflection

of this changing product mix, with

Vaya’s growing presence in the sub-

$30 market, which also broadened

the Group’s addressable market.

Following the year end, the Company

announced the completion of the

acquisition of AusBBS, with an

accelerated strategy into home

broadband. The broadband market

is a natural extension of the

Group’s mobile customer experience

philosophy and answers the ongoing

requests by amaysim’s mobile

subscribers for the company to

provide broadband services. The

strategy speaks to the Group’s

agility in staying compelling to its

customers through delivering its

amazingly simple approach across

broader products and to even more

Australian households.

Listed on

the ASX

Dual brand strategy

launched with Vaya


Vaya launched

industry leading

“Price Beat”


Vaya launched

Australia’s cheapest


985K subscribers


Launched suite of

‘one- decision’ amaysim


Announced acquisition

of Australian

Broadband Services

(completed August 2016)

Refreshed the amaysim

UNLIMITED suite of


Launched amaysim’s

“amazingly simple” brand


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